Repair Your Leaky Commercial Roof Right Away

Hire a roofer who's licensed to install and repair Conklin roofing systems in Millersburg and Wooster, OH

Don't put off your roof repairs any longer. A leaky, sagging roof can cause major water damage to your property and lead to costly downtime for your business. Turn to Zook's Commercial Roof Services, LLC for commercial roof repair and replacement services in the Millersburg and Wooster, OH area.

You can trust our knowledgeable roofers to examine your damaged asphalt shingle, flat metal or EPDM roof, locate any issues and repair them on the spot. We can repair your damaged EPDM or weathered metal roofing by applying a liquid rubber coating that will strengthen and waterproof it.

If your roof is beyond repair, our experts can replace it with an efficient new roof. Call 234-301-2392 now to schedule commercial roof repair or replacement services.

flat roof repair Millersburg, OH

Avoid costly water damage

Zook's Commercial Roof Services repairs and replaces Conklin roofing systems in Millersburg and Wooster, OH. Our roofers can repair your roof if it's:

  • Leaking
  • Missing shingles or shedding granules
  • Shrinking or sagging
  • Allowing water to pond
  • Blistering
Get in touch with us today to learn more about the Conklin roofing systems we install.